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  • Is this product available ?
    Yes ! Although the launch of the YMop Twin-Turbo was delayed by several years because of Covid19, we now have our supply chain running again.
  • Does the YMop work on Carpets & Rugs?
    Yes ! As a matter of fact, inventor, Yale Smith originally developed the YMop technology for his cleaning business in which he had to overcome the challenge of cleaning the most delicate and valuable Carpets, Rugs--and hard surfaces--in the World !
  • Why doesn't the YMop have a tank & sprayer like other motor mops ?
    The YMop system simply DOESN'T NEED a tank or sprayer. YMop's 4000 RPM technology is powerful enough to run massively thick Mop heads which can hold up to 6 times more water ( without dripping ) than your average consumer motor mop. Water loads in seconds with the Docking Station / Upload Tray. No need to bother loading a tank only to have to spray the water right back out--using a sprayer that has a history of eventually clogging and/or breaking. With our YMop Uploader/Tray method, water loads in seconds allowing you to do 100's of square feet without reloading !
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