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MIKE WITT | Sausalito, CA 

YMop Team,


Just wanted you to know how much I love the Ymop. . . even more than I Ioved the old Pogo Model.  It’s faster, more vibration, and wider. . . all of which makes my job easier.


I’m not only a gym owner, but I’m the janitor, and I’ve used your products for over 5 years.  And many of my members notice it as I clean and are very interested . . . so I’ve referred many of them to your company!  I have hard tiles, imitation hardwood, carpets, rubber mats, and artificial turf . . . and the Ymop can clean them all.  I primarily use it for the tile, imitation hard wood, and rubber mats, but it’s nice to be able to use it on carpets etc. as a supplement to just vacuuming. 


It’s so versatile and also so easy to clean.  Pulling it off to rinse with water then re-using, throwing it in the washing machine when necessary . . . all so easy.  At the end of the day, I am able to clean more effectively and efficiently because of your products . . . especially your newest YMop Model.  Thanks!


Mike Witt

Owner / Personal Trainer

Anytime Fitness, Sausalito


GABY H. | Sahuarita, AZ 

Hi John,


I received, got it operating and I LOVE IT!!  A Christmas present to myself and money well spent.  


YMOP is like a Ferrari in a sea of Volkswagon beetles.  It  sounds like an exaggeration but I made the leap from the O-Cedar spin mop to your YMOP and I will never go back.


I have a bad back and as much as it killed me it just got too painful for me to mop as often I like.  Having clean floors and a clean house is how I grew up. Sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the floors were my weekly chores growing up and now that I'm older it just hurts to keep up the same pace.  I literally can't stand upright after cleaning my floors but your YMOP has changed that. YMOP does ALL the work for me, I only have to guide it. Amazing product!!


I'm so happy I made the leap and purchased your product.  My floors and I thank you so muuch!!


Have a Merry Christmas!!


A very satisfied customer,

Gaby H


MATT L. | Los Angeles, CA 



I used my YMOP for the first time yesterday (was at NAMM all last week) and I can honestly say, when I emailed you in 2020 deciding whether I should purchase a Pogo Mop or wait for the YMOP, the years were 100% WORTH THE WAIT. I am blown away by the quality, attention to detail, and true power of this unit. I don’t think my floors have EVER been cleaner, and with such ease!


You made an incredible product, if there is anything I can do to help get it out to the world, I am always open to help! Congrats on your release! 


Please let me know if I can leave a review anywhere and again, truly an amazing product that deserves to be in the hands of everyone world wide.

PS: Thanks for the shirt!






Everything is super awesome with the YMOP.


The whole setup took me under a minute and the results are excellent.


Super happy and will be in touch over its lifecycle as I use it more.


Please also keep us posted about how to buy additional mop heads, etc 





RAY G. | Los Angeles, CA 



My wife used it on one of our Persian rugs, and it tapped up an amazing amount of dirt… it works, Amigo, it works.


PETER R. | United Kingdom 

Thanks for your interest John,


Received the YMop last week and tried it out on tiled floor which had white grout which had become unrecognisable as white grout, the YMop lifted the dirt off immediately and the floor  looks like new. Very pleased how it does the job.




DR. RHONDA J. | Santa Monica, CA 


Dear YMop Team,

I have the older version of the YMop and what I love about this mop is:

1)    It’s really powerful.  I’m using it to clean AND polish my floors and it has all the power to make things sparkle easily.  And I LOVE when things sparkle !  It changes my mood when my environment sparkles.

2)    It’s a no-fuss simple machine--with no cleaning the machine after I’m done doing my cleaning.

3)    It’s sturdy all the way around.

4)    It lays flat and the handle shortens for storage.   I have a tiny apartment and I literally store the mop between my fridge and the wall.

5)    I can use any cleaner I want . . . and I’m hyper-senstive so I’m very careful not to use any toxic chemicals in my home.

Thanks for an incredible product.  Very well thought out !

—Dr. Rhonda Jessum


SUZY | Thousand Oaks, CA 


Hello Pogo Mop [YMop] Company,


I am writing you my testimonial on your mop, because I am so amazed at how well this thing works.  I don’t normally write these, but can’t help myself.

I went to my TRI Valley cleaning supply store, in Thousand Oaks, CA, to buy a broom.  But stopped by the floor cleaners they had on display.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw this simple mop and the price.  I tried it in the store, and decided to buy myself a present.


You see, I have a weak back, and cleaning the floor is just not my thing, because my back always goes out.  I will vacuum the floor, but washing it very difficult for me.  I had purchased in the past one of the steamer type mops, but it took so long to complete the task over an hour or more and so that steamer mop does not get used and it sits in the garage collecting dust.  It is not worth the time it takes


I could not wait to try my new POGO mop, and as soon as I went home, I got busy.  I can’t believe how effortless it is, no bending, no scrubbing on my part, just wet that pad and go.  I have a small house and about 1K feet of tile flooring, I was done with washing that floor in less than half hour, maybe it was 20 minutes.  Since it is cordless and works on the battery that you can recharge, you just turn it on and the thing just goes.   I bought the Pogo mop with orange battery and it came with a charge, and still had lots of charge left when I was done, but I charged it up full for next time. 


I was astonished with the ease of use, and how clean my floors came out so clean.  I had to call you, and have you explain this engineering marvel secret and how it works, because I needed to understand how it cleaned so well and I did not even work up a sweat.  


The ease of use is incredible,  that I washed my floors again the following week, and will continue to so each week. 


I am embarrassed to say, prior to getting this mop, I did not wash my floors.  We vacuumed but not washed. My husband, he didn’t wash them either, he gave up after how long that steamer mop took. We just did not have the time or energy, we both work so hard


At first, I could not believe I spent that money, but I am so glad I did.


Thank you for making an amazing product, worth every bit.


PS:  the pads that come with the machine are amazing, thick, washable,  - just so happy with my POGO Mop!







Just cleaned this 1.2m x 1.8m rug in my kids room.

Darling said “Oh it doesn’t need cleaning”! Hit it with the YMop.

Check the pad on the right.






















Hey John,


Yes, I like it. Works very well and a well thought out design. Hope you guys are selling a lot of these. There really isn’t anything else on the market the compares. Maybe the Doodle Mop, but that is a commercial unit that is 3-4x the price.


Thx, Dan




LISA R. | Jerusalem 


Dear John,


Wow! Wow! Wow!  My YMop arrived in Jerusalem, and while the house had been cleaned earlier that day I couldn’t resist trying it out.  My clean tile floors, (R10 and R11 anti slip rated and not smooth) were not so clean….  I am so impressed.  I have some real tongue and groove wood floors, which are very unusual in Israel, which had been damaged by the really wet mopping of the previous owner, so if they are to be washed I do it myself.  The Ymop wrung out did a fabulous job, and the ability to get under low beds was its own special treat.  I have ordered a second mop the for the US.  Never thought I would see the day when floor washing was both effective AND had no clean up cycle.  Amazing.


Thank you.

Lisa R


MIKE G. |Cleveland 


Hi John, 


Just wanted to let you know that I received my mop a little while ago and I’m excited to be one of the first people to get the new model! Just took it on the first test run and love the experience. Just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I am a tech nerd who works in IT and love a good quality product. I will let you know if I experience any issues and if you have any questions for me in terms of feedback or suggestions just say the word! 

Mike G. 


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