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YMop Inventor Yale Smith

Yale Smith 

Key Developer / Inventor

The Y in YMop stands for cYmatic and "Why Mop?" but it's also a subtle tribute to our Key Developer & Head of R&D, Yale Smith who has been building carpet and floor cleaning machines for over 20 years. Yale set out to build the most efficient motorized mop on the planet.  He did it !

John Neira

Co-Developer / Ad Man

John does the Branding and user-interface which means taking Yale's breadboard contraptions, and turning them into user friendly products.  He has worked with Yale from product inception . . . "in the garage".

Craig Andrews

CEO / Rockstar

Craig initially came on as an investor with a keen eye for a great product.  24 years of experience in Corporate Business Management in Asia, made Craig the perfect choice to structure the YMop Corporation. Craig is our current CEO and Board Member. 

Neil Penn O'Connor

Media Department  / Bass Man

Neil, a videographer, is also a professional Filipino musician by trade.  HIs musical insight is what we wanted to explore the cYmatic experience of clean.  Neil, an advocate of essential oil cleaning and organic living, is a personal user of the YMop Technology, as he and his family of 3 children were nominated to be the 1st "Pogo Family".  YouTube Channel: PogoFamily#1

Zai Zai

YMop Lab Rescue-Turtle

Zai Zai came to our China Lab as a rescue Turtle.   She has since become a reminder to us about our long, hard struggle to bring the YMop to market: No matter what happens, always keep your head up . . . and just keep going !

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